project: tropical house

location: Tartu, between Ahhaa, Aura and Emajõgi

year: 2016

size:  5 300 m² / built-up area: 2 600 m²

supervisor: Vilen Künnapu

in collaboration with: Maris Kohv

focus: architecture


OASIS aims to give it’s visitors the experience of tropics. A regular tropical house is like a zoo – you can look at the tropics from a distance, not really participating in it. But OASIS is like a safari – still a controlled environment, but you go swimming in the waterfall pool between rocks and palm trees, lie on the sandy beach, feel the moist tropical warmth as if you were actually in the tropics. OASIS is connected to bystanding Aura centre via an underground tunnel / cave bath. The top floor of OASIS is a public access cafe that has views around Tartu and a possibility to look down to the tropics.